High tech.

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We believe in the power of science and technology. And we believe in people’s drive.
We bring all three together in one mission: to help cool the Earth.

How we are doing this

We are developing groundbreaking technologies that have enormous impact. It’s an approach that directly contributes to the energy transition, the circular economy, the climate and our future.

We work on our mission with a team of passionate professionals and partners. Together we focus on two technologies, one that allows us to permanently remove large volumes of CO₂ from the atmosphere and the other where waste streams are converted into green gas and hydrogen.

Does that sound too good to be true? We’ve only just started!


A groundbreaking technology for producing green gas and hydrogen

Green gas and hydrogen both have a major role to play in the energy transition. We make these gases from many different types of waste. That’s why we call it CLEANUP GAS. Converting these organic waste streams, such as sewage sludge and plastics, is fast and the yield is high. What’s more, we are using the existing infrastructure for transport and storage. This is ideal because it enables us to scale up quickly. In effect, this technology accelerates the natural process of natural gas formation. But where the earth takes millions of years, we have sped up the process so that it now takes just a few minutes.

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Capturing CO₂ from the atmosphere and reusing it

CO₂ is the biggest waste stream on Earth. There’s been a lot of talk already about reducing CO₂ emissions, but what we are doing goes one step further. Our CO₂ CLEANUP technology ensures a complete reversal. We first remove large volumes of CO₂ from the atmosphere and then convert it into useful products, providing a permanent means of storing the captured CO₂. The result is what’s referred to as ‘ negative emissions’. In this way we make the world cleaner, more circular, and cooler.

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Make an impact too

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves right now and help increase our impact? That’s fantastic! We still need all kinds of motivated professionals. There are several vacancies.

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